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Success or Job Position

Success is the state of meeting a defined range of expectations. It may be viewed as a failure if one is having difficulties maintaining their position at work, this could be caused by a colleague who wants your position or wants you gone. One can feel Spiritual attack at work, feeling dizzy or some negative energy around, losing documents or important files can be part of a witchcraft sent to you at your workplace. Misplacing items often or not knowing where you place them can be caused by a black magic that is sent to block your mind. Often Feeling sick while at work is a sign of an evil attack. Struggling to get a promotion or a higher position can be a sign of bad luck stopping from moving forward. With Mr.  Serign you will never have to worry about these problems, He will get rid of any unnatural forces surrounding you and restore your luck back, Put you in a position to control your destiny.

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